Since TruLife Audio was founded in 1995, the original philosophies and founding principles have not changed. We aim for excellence in everything we do. Our passion and enthusiasm for what we do enable us to achieve the high standards of performance and innovation we have set for ourselves.

~ We truly believe that "good enough" is merely a starting point. ~

Based on this, we try to further develop the existing standards in sound and bring them to a level which exceeds the sound experience of many hi-end devices. Our products are designed to provide what we call Xactive Sound Reproduction (XSR). XSR is the synonym for authentic sound that is as true and as distinct as the original source and not just a hi-end device that plays excellent music.

~ Our products don’t get lost in translation. ~

For this purpose, we only use high-quality materials and components. We carefully select valves depending on their characteristics, as to achieve the most efficient amplification circuit and we use the minimum possible number of stages for amplifying the signal. All coupling between stages is via specially handmade transformers of the highest possible quality.

~ Improvement through technical know-how. ~

Our approach is one of using the minimum active components possible. There are no more than a handful of parts used on the signal path, but each one of these components is a result of hundreds of listening hours so that we ensure that we have the optimum possible performance for each stage. But further than that, we continuously monitor our work so that when a new component is found to improve on the existing, it is immediately implemented on the production and of course, our sixty years of tradition in developing absolute audio transformers never stops, there is a continuous seek for perfection.