Some people think that it all started in 1995 by TruLife Audio founder Velissarios Georgiadis... But this is far from the truth! TruLife Audio's tradition and experience goes long before that. Back in 1957 when Velissarios' father Aristomenis, a transformer technician, started his own company, with the aim to make transformers under order for telecommunications, broadcast, medical, military and industrial implementations. It was just after 1980 when Velissarios, who was already experienced in transformer building, having being taught all his father's knowledge, while at the same time having started his career as a musician, and begun university studies in Pharmaceutics. So he start to apply the knowledge at physics and chemistry on Audio amplifiers building! That would be of reference standard! Velissarios continuously developed his audio transformers, while researching on Single Ended triode circuit topologies and had built and tested over COUNTLESS amplifiers, before he transferred all this experience on TLA products in 1995. The name TruLife Audio was chosen to underline the target market of  TLA. The search for TruLife sound, where the listener would experience music at home as never before... In a TruLife manner!

In the year 2005, young Aristomenis Georgiadis the second (Son of Velissarios), finished his studies in Electrical Engineering and having received in the meantime all his grandfather's and father's experience in transformer making and development, as well as Single Ended triode topologies, joined the company, to assist in further improvements and the achievement of new levels for realistic sound. "When we come with a new product, we make it for ourselves first" Velissarios says… An amplifier begins first when the lab measurements are optimize. Then, the real work begins by transforming this electronic device, to real musical instrument. "No new device ever goes into production, unless we judge it of world standard for sound quality." TLA is one of only a very few companies that manufactures has their own transformers handmade by its personnel… The aim is to maximize the performance of TLA's world-class single ended triode topologies, as a consequence, the devices are made so that they age to improve all the time... much like a bottle of good wine... or a gorgeous guitar of the 50s... Clearly, TLA devices are more related to the art of creating "Xactive sound reproduction instruments" than stereophonic products.